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E-cquaintance, real results

E-cquaintance marketing

Believe in the power of acquaintances


AI algorithm accurately matches targeted users

Accurately generate user categories, portraits, tags (locations, income situation, occupation, consumption ability, consumption tendency)

AI algorithm private domain traffic matches high quality users

Use algorithms to accurately find potential marketers according to the brand characteristics and product positioning and conduct targeted recruitment of promoters;

AI algorithm precise iteration optimization of marketing strategy

Promotion, advertisement placement, product distribution, execution, monitoring of post-promotion public opinion, quantitative evaluation of placement effects, and optimization of marketing strategies;

AI algorithm customized content improve value for influencer

Using precise algorithms to provide support for creative brand advertising, Provide creative AB testing and marketing hotspot match;

AI algorithm cross-platform matches precision marketed traffic

Use accurate algorithms to provide cross-platform for brand marketing, suitable for promotion channel, finding the most suitable users for accurate marketing

Superstar high traffic empowers brand to grow rapidly

Hollywood superstars, direct empowerment through resources, promote brand's rapid growth through huge active fan base. Super celebrity to direct promotion of goods

E-cquaintance, real results

Package 1
2000 Share

Package 2
2500 follows

Package 3
1000 follow; 1000 Like;
1000 Share; 1000 Comment;

Package 4
1500 follow; 1500 Like;
1500 Share;

KOL influencers, FAST traffic

Package 1
1000 K follows ~ 2000 K follows

Package 2
50 K follows ~ 100 K follows

Package 3
10 K follows ~ 50 K follows

superstar, super high traffic

Package A
Uprising star traffic

Package A+
Superstar High traffic

Package A++
Mega Star High traffic


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